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Summary Working as an Associate Senior Software Engineer with strong engineering skills in Software Development, Back-end services development, RESTful services and Microservices. Using Java/ J2EE, C#, Ruby , Rails, Oracle Database, REST, Docker, Jenkins CI.


Associate Senior Software Engineer

Aug 2017 - Present
Cerner Corp, Kansas City, MO

Working as a backend developer with focus on making Scalable Software with CI approach.

Writing backend services in Java/C# for Pharmacy org workflows.

Writing automated integration tests using Eggplant and IBM RQM.

Software Engineer

Jun 2014 - Aug 2017
Cerner Corp, Kansas City, MO

Created a java microservice using BDD methodology Used jbehave for bdd testing, lombok for boilerplate code generation, jacoco for code coverage, SonarQube for Continuous Inspection , Jenkins for Continuous Integration.

Upgraded the existing operational data retrieval service to include new data calculations. It uses JDBC, JTA and PL/SQL. The lifetime cumulative doses for cancer patients is essential to save them from liver damage. This service will be used by the prescription tools in Oncology team and calculates dose/unit/time and gives accurate measurement of cancer drugs.

Developed user requested enhancements and modifications for Pharmacy applications to comply with changing regulations and specifications using C++, VB, C# and PL/SQL.

Responsible for interfacing EMR software with a separate Ruby-On-Rails application to retrieve external unverified data. Fetching data with calling REST API through CCL (Cerner Command Language) which is a wrapper around PL/SQL. This displays medical history from out of network providers with in EMR software.

Created a DependencyDiscoverer application to fetch people and project dependencies on each other by integrating GIT, Crucible and JIRA systems using their respective REST APIs and producing dependency graphs for people and projects.

Student Co-op

May 2013 - Aug 2013
INFICON, Syracuse, NY

Made a module-wise component pricing configurator for the Sales team using nodejs, reactjs, html, css..

Summer Intern

May 2013 - Aug 2013
ASTM International, PA

Helped complete User Acceptance Testing for the new ASTM application.


Open Source Projects.

crypto-app - An electronjs based stock & crypto app that notifies when a stock/coin/token reaches a set value.

Skills & Proficiency


Javascript & jQuery



Ruby on Rails